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London Animation Studio Ltd. is an award-winning digital production studio. We work in 2D and 3D to produce a wide range of styles, drawing on a network of talented artists and designers. Please get in touch to discuss your project.

Merry Christmas & Thanks for 2014!


News from London Animation and BRILLIANA

Merry Christmas & Thanks for 2014!

Leo Crane

Merry Christmas and thanks to our friends, clients and partners who helped us through 2014!

It's been a busy year at the studio. It's always a delight to continue creating animated content for those brands we know well, as well as welcome new clients. From superheroes to little pink piggies, we've enjoyed working with you.

THE LIBRARY has continued it's world tour, culminating in screenings at Anima Mundi in Rio with support from the BFI and British Council. And it doesn't stop there: in 2015, it will feature in the cult online platform Dawn of the Unread celebrating National Libraries Day in February.

But perhaps the most exciting development has been the launch of BRILLIANA and the incredible response we received on Kickstarter for THE LOST ROMANCE OF ELIZABETH LINLEY (affectionately now known as LoRo). We are sincerely grateful for all your support.

LoRo will power ahead in January when Director Leo Crane embarks on a five-week artist residency at The Animation Workshop, Denmark. This is an international talent and project development centre supported by the Danish Film Institute, Viborg Kommune, and Shareplay. Here Elizabeth Linley will really come alive, with their support and commitment to the film's future success.

But now we have a few days off to enjoy Christmas and the New Year and get ready for an energetic start to 2015.

We wish you all very happy holidays.