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London Animation Studio Ltd. is an award-winning digital production studio. We work in 2D and 3D to produce a wide range of styles, drawing on a network of talented artists and designers. Please get in touch to discuss your project.

Resurrecting Elizabeth Linley


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Resurrecting Elizabeth Linley

Leo Crane

Pre-production for our latest project is taking shape: TELL ME SOMETHING inspired by Gainsborough's portraits of Elizabeth Linley now in Dulwich Picture Gallery, London, and the National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC. At just 18, with Gainsborough's first painting of her not yet finished, she eloped with the celebrated writer Richard Brinsley Sheridan. Some years later, with Sheridan's affairs unstoppable, Gainsbourough returned and captured her lost romance. It is an experimental film, digitally deconstructing the Old Master to reveal Elizabeth's emotional character. London Animation is delighted to be working with eight up-and-coming digital artists from six different countries, whose creative and technical talents will produce an absorbing cinematic experience. The film is accompanied by the music of The Unrecorded, whose darkly ethereal track gives the film its name.

We will shortly be launching a crowd-funding campaign. In the meantime, if you are interested in supporting the project, we would be very pleased to hear from you.

Pictured: pre-production sketch of Mrs Sheridan after Gainsborough