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Top 10 Tips for Commissioning a Film


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Top 10 Tips for Commissioning a Film

Leo Crane

We were recently asked to advise the Royal Institute of British Architects on their in-house protocols for commissioning a corporate film. We thought we’d share our top 10 tips here with you. If you have any of your own tips, please let us know!

  • Understand the benefit of using film and take advantage of it – if it’s not clear, then this may not be the right medium.
  • Define one message: introduce it, then develop it and finally reinforce it.
  • Have your audience in mind and speak their language (both verbally and visually).
  • Choose an appropriate length for your audience: e.g. an archival film could be much longer than a web spot.
  • Remember the final context: complement surrounding material (e.g. text on a webpage), rather than repeat it.
  • Choose a mood to set the pace and rhythm: picking a piece of music early on can do this nicely (even if you change it later).
  • Define your visual style and keep it consistent and relevant.
  • Use a person or character to draw the viewer in: people respond to people.
  • Match the final file type to the recommendations for your chosen output, otherwise you can end up with a badly compressed film.
  • Keep it simple!

Image: using a character to draw in the viewer in our animation for the Secret Linen Store.