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The Animation Workshop


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The Animation Workshop

Leo Crane

A special update from Denmark, where London Animation's Leo Crane is spending a month in residence at The Animation Workshop.

In the charming little town of Viborg is The Animation Workshop (TAW), perhaps the most exciting place for talent development in the world of animation. Housed in a former military barracks, the smart red-brick buildings provide space for undergraduate degrees, a school for traditional drawing, start-up production studios, and an international residency programme.

I arrived two weeks ago amid the buzz of fellow resident Réka Bucsi's film Symphony no. 42, shortlisted for the Oscars and now playing at Sundance. This was swiftly followed by a test screening of The Reward, the Kickstarter success that has developed into a pioneering transmedia project and enabled the launch of Sun Creature Studio here in Viborg. Premier screenings of other films produced in TAW residencies included Life With Herman H. Rott by Chintis Lundgren and a new series of apocalyptic shorts by Precious Metals.

On Friday, Viborg's Fotorama cinema hosted the first screening of TAW's 2015 graduation films. These included the creative - and hilarious - Parrot Away, whose Animation Lead Marion Strunck has already been snapped up by Framestore, where she animated the recent feature film Paddington. It's also worth keeping an eye out for Tsunami, Room Mate Wanted, The Great Harlot and the Beast and Vagabond, which are sure to find festival success in the near future.

Twice a week, I attend The Drawing Academy's croquis life drawing sessions, where we learn to capture a pose in 10 seconds through to a leisurely five minutes. And then there are the long-standing TAW rituals, like the 8.30am Morning Dance, which give a special character to this place!

In between all this activity, I am finding time to develop The Lost Romance of Elizabeth Linley, taking advantage of the extraordinary talent and support around me to ensure this project can reach its full potential.