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Stanley Spencer: Of Angels and Dirt


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Stanley Spencer: Of Angels and Dirt

Leo Crane

Stanley Spencer is one of the most distinctive British painters, fusing together religion and sexuality, work and leisure, nature and industry, in richly detailed paintings of everyday life. As Spencer himself put it: "I am on the side of angels and dirt". We animate his painting The Lovers (The Dustmen) for The Hepworth Wakefield's major survey of his work.

"As a child, Stanley Spencer was always rummaging in dustbins – a broken tea pot, jam tin and cabbage stalk seemed to him a wondrous holy trinity. In this short film, made for the opening of the Hepworth Wakefield’s major new exhibition of his art, Spencer’s paintings are brought vividly to life with words from the artist’s notebooks."
The Guardian

The animation is being shown in cinemas across West Yorkshire. We also recorded an audio guide for the exhibition with actor Sam Crane voicing Spencer's words. Hear an extract for the painting The Psychiatrist, Mrs Charlotte Murray (Birmingham Museums Trust). If you are in the UK, you can hear a further extract in a review of the exhibition on Front Row on the BBC iPlayer.

The Lovers (The Dustmen) is from the collection of the Laing Art Gallery, Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums. Image (c) The Estate of Stanley Spencer / Bridgeman Images.