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The Fig Leaves Are Off: Branding 'Starkers'


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The Fig Leaves Are Off: Branding 'Starkers'

Leo Crane

To launch our branding and web design service, we partnered with Figuration Ltd to create a new brand for their exuberant, inclusive life drawing events. The events celebrate the nude in all its diversity and so we worked with the founders to find a name that resonated playfulness and pride. After testing three ideas with focus groups, we confirmed Starkers as the perfect fit.

We now needed a visual identity to match: a vibrant colour palette and a badge that represented the brand's creative approach to the nude: a falling fig leaf. We designed a logo in which the letters spill out of the leaf to trace the contour of a reclining nude. The letters fall into each other to hint at the social, informal nature of a Starkers event.

The website was built by adapting Squarespace's easy to update templates. The homepage foregrounds key services and sets the tone of inclusive celebration with bite-sized content from a blog and social media, as well as through personality-driven profiles of Starkers models.

The brand was adapted for social media channels, with an emphasis on Facebook for public events, as well as Instagram and Twitter to connect with artists and models in the founders' networks.

We are now working with the Starkers team on a range of merchandise, from sketch books and pencils to who knows what, all featuring the signature fig leaf.

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