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Paint Skin


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Paint Skin

Leo Crane

Paint Skin (2015) is a collaboration between BRILLIANA and The Armour Studio exploring painted human skin through 3D animation, digitally produced life-sized skins, and photography. Artist Jonathan Armour explains his concept.

Paint Skin uses 21st-century technology to give visio-haptic enjoyment of one of the oldest forms of art practised by humankind – painting on the body. Not only does it permanently capture the intense intuitive response in paint by the artist to the model, all of which is normally washed away at the end of the session, but allows the viewer to literally get under the skin of the painting.  

Paint and canvas have long been metaphors for skin, but here utilising digital scanning and sculpting technology, they are fused into one paint-skin-membrane.

IMG_3218 low res cropped [2424961].jpg

The main goal is to convey a real sense of the painted body, in three dimensions, and to reveal the nature of the exploration to the viewer. Overall the intent is to create a visually sumptuous celebration of the painted body, as encapsulated by the paint-skin-membrane. The digital becomes organic becomes fluid. The viewer can examine the skin and paint texture, the colour, the paint marks and the forms within the body-shell. It is a virtual journey through a strange corporeal landscape.

It is a sensual visual feast that triggers the haptic senses, and leaves the viewer feeling sensitized, in a somatic manner.

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