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London Animation Studio Ltd. is an award-winning digital production studio. We work in 2D and 3D to produce a wide range of styles, drawing on a network of talented artists and designers. Please get in touch to discuss your project.

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"Wit, style and timing" - MIA Animation Festival

From the bLOG

Tales From Pussy Willow

This week saw the release of series two of the cult web series Tales From Pussy Willow, written, directed and animated by Kate Jessop. London Animation's Leo Crane, who assisted on the animation, delves behind the scenes.

Queerly Beloved: An Animation Affair

Queerly Beloved launched this week with An Animation Affair, a collection of short animations featuring queer and feminist themes and a conversation with the film-makers. Read about it and see the films here...

The Fig Leaves Are Off: Branding 'Starkers'

To launch our branding and web design service, we partnered with Figuration Ltd to create a new brand for their exuberant, inclusive life drawing events. The events celebrate the nude in all its diversity and so we worked with the founders to find a name that resonated playfulness and pride...

Painting Life

Painting from life can foster an intense relationship between artist and model. London Animation's Director Leo Crane shares his experience of painting with Roy Joseph Butler in Maggi Hambling's advanced painting class at Morley College.